Stress-related illnesses are becoming increasingly common

Stress-related illnesses are becoming increasingly common. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

Sample Answer:

More and more people are becoming sick due to illnesses caused by stress. This essay will discuss two main causes of stress-related illnesses including longer working hours and poor diet. The essay will also discuss solutions to combat those causes by adopting a healthy lifestyle and following a good diet plan.

People tend to work for longer hours in their jobs. The increased competition at their workplace compels them to work beyond the normal working hours and sometimes even during the weekends/free time. The employees wish to climb up the corporate ladder and increase their chances of getting promoted and earn more money. In addition, people do not pay attention to their diet. They are not bothered about what they eat – as long as it satisfies their hunger-so they start consuming unhealthy food. Consequently, letting their health take the brunt of these unfavorable factors.

Maintaining a work-life balance and eating nutritional food can play an important role to mitigate the adverse impact of sicknesses caused by stress. Spending too much time on work only and neglecting one’s food habits affects the individual’s health both, physically and mentally. For example, many employees burn out due to work overload and spend less time with family, friends, and oneself. To summarise, keeping a check on one’s dietary requirements and striking a balance between work and one’s own life is crucial for a happy life.

In conclusion, in today’s fast-paced life, stress-related problems are quite evident. This essay discussed how stress is often caused by longer working hours and a poor diet. This essay also suggested two solutions to counter this problem by maintaining a work-life balance and eating healthy foods.

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