Interviews form the basic selection criteria for most large companies

Interviews form the basic selection criteria for most large companies. However some people think that interview is not a reliable method of choosing whom to employ.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer:

It is a well known fact that being interviewed is one of the most important factors in being selected for a job in renowned organizations. Although many people agree with it, some do not. In my personal opinion I believe that in spite of there being other preferable options, being interviewed still the most efficient way.I will summarize my points below.

During an interview, the employer receives first hand impression of the potential employee and gets to know him or her, not only through his qualifications or past achievements, but on a personal level which is crucial for a proper work environment. How the person presents himself and interact s is a direct reflection on his personality, social skills as well as intelligence.

Other alternate methods include, written tests, which I do not believe provides sufficient assessment for official recruitment by itself, but combining both oral and written exam can be an excellent way of measuring one’s abilities. Assessment through practical field works is one more less practiced but effective option,especially for jobs that require both skill and experience, for example civil or mechanical engineering. However, this method can be time consuming and financially draining and thus not commonly practiced.

In conclusion, my point stands that oral interview is the single most efficient, cost effective, and practical mean of recruitment, in varying situations.

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