Most employers do job interviews before offering a position to a person

Most employers do job interviews before offering a position to a person. Do you think this is the best way to do it or are there better alternatives? What is the best method of choosing employees in your opinion?

Sample Answer:

The most common and widely recognized method of hiring an employee is through a job interview. However, I believe there are some better alternative methods for assessing an employee for a job and written test is one of them. In my opinion, a candidate should be evaluated based on the written tests as well as interviews for a job.

Employers should not select or reject candidates based only on interviews which are merely a discussion of a few minutes. According to a survey conducted by the Employees Association of India, most of the people who are introverts or tend to be introverted, may not be able to perform better in an interview due to nervousness, although their performance in jobs is commendable. In addition, there might be chances of corruption and recommendation to get a job. For instance, the news has come into light in Karnataka about a person who has bribed an official huge amount to get the job of a civil contractor. Therefore, to find an efficient employee, employers should conduct a written test to evaluate technical competency. For example, some departments of the government of Gujarat has eradicated the interview process and are selecting employees based on written tests.

However, for few job profiles, it is necessary to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. For example, IT jobs involve direct interaction with clients and teams and should have great communication, behavioral, and interpersonal skills to handle the business. Through the interview process, employers can evaluate employee proficiency in these skills.

To conclude, employers should not stick to interviews alone to select an employee. In my opinion, hiring process which involves both written test and interview is the most effective way to hire the right employee for a position.

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