Task 2 # The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing.

The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer:

Nowadays, virtual shopping is becoming popular in the entire world. It is argued that electronic shopping can replace traditional shops in future. This essay will argue why the shops will remain functional despite the growing popularity of mail order. I entirely disagree with this statement that teleshopping may close the shops of an area. To begin, the increasingly developed website of e-shops are promoting the products and providing a wide range of promotional packages to grab the attention of the consumers. People tend to buy from online stores specifically young people are more influenced by this sort of buying things.

A well-renowned shopping store “Daraz” has a turn over of 10 million in running year by selling sale products. The discounted prices are reasonable to increase the number of buyers. Secondly, while shopping on the Internet one can save time and by just clicking a button. Moreover, a wide range of products provides a variety to choose the best one from them by checking some stores in a few minutes. This ease made shopping a sort of comforts and helped an individual to save time and energy at the same time.

On the contrary, traditional shops are an excellent place to find the best quality stuff by examining them physically. Whereas, it is not possible while ordering from home. Some online shops provide a low and ordinary quality thing because the exhibit something else and deliver totally opposite items namely in colours, designs. Therefore, the shops are more convenient for this purpose even though if a person receives any faulty good, they may return it and purchase something else without spending extra money.

To sum up, despite the increasing popularity of catalogue buying from social networking sites. Shops are rather a good choice of purchasing any item along with some benefits of buying a product without compromising on quality and as well as these will help in the survival of shopping as an amusement.

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