Task 2 # Some people believe schools should reward students who show the best academic results

Some people believe schools should reward students who show the best academic results, while others think that it is more crucial to reward students who show progress. Discuss both views and express your own opinion?

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Some people think top achievers should be rewarded whereas others believe it belongs to improving students. In my opinion, it belongs to both.

The main goal of schools is to teach students how to learn. The methods may vary from student to student. The motivation behind learning is getting a reward. The reward can be both long term and short term. The students who are outshining others should be inspired through rewards. That will make them more focused and motivated the next time. They will try to keep that top position through their studies and hard work.

At the same time, progressive students require inspiration and motivation. It’s not easy to progress. One has to reevaluate his study style. They have to find their lacking and correct their mistakes from time to time. They have to pursue others to get recommendations and suggestions. Continuous progress can be fueled through rewards. Getting rewards for passing each hurdle makes it worth. The student feels the urge to keep progressing. Such rewards can go a long way to uplift his mood as well as make him more focused. They can achieve astonishing results.

In conclusion, rewarding system in schools is a proper way to make students keep progressing and motivated to hold that top position.

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  1. School is the place where can obtain the knowledge as well as the best place to gain the best qualities to the life. Teachers assist students to acquire the educational knowledge and also help pupils to reach their life goals. In the academic journey, students have to face different kind of exams, test etc.. In this kind of events, certain students show their capabilities by pass the exam with high passes, some of them just pass the exam and can be seen that some students demonstrate progress of their education. Thus, people think that, educational institutes should appreciate the students who have best results and others consider that should be rewarded the students shows the progress. However, I think this is debatable whether or not both students should be admired by the school as well as parents.
    An individual has put an effort to complete a task, in a school or an office that can be seen the same scenario. Furthermore, the effort can be vary according to the person, age or the place. A student, for instance just got pass his mid term exam and he crammed for the year end exam, eventually he got the highest results in the respective area. In this case, the relevant child had done a superb work, with his studies and school also named as a distinguish school in the vicinity. Thus, he rewarded by the educational institute , by old pupils of the school as well as parents. On the other hand, there can be seen, certain children not clever at all in the studies. However, with the great help with teachers and parents, finally they achieve their targets, such as pass an exam with considerable marks , or obtain the opportunity to enter to the university etc.. In order to overcome the educational barriers, these type of students put their full strength on the target and ultimately they win. If compare of two students, such as a students with typical knowledge of education, finally enter to the medical college, and another student who is clever for studies and every one knows that he will be selected to the medical college, the efforts that put in the education will be different. The time that spend on their studies, how they interact with the society as well as spare time activities will be differ. Nevertheless, both type of students, should be appreciated by the other parties. As humans, we always expect the appreciation and also then only they motivate.

    In conclusion, I believe that the students with best results as well as students who shows the progress, need to be rewarded in order to motivate them.


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