Task 2 # Some people believe schools should reward students who show the best academic results

Some people believe schools should reward students who show the best academic results, while others think that it is more crucial to reward students who show progress. Discuss both views and express your own opinion?

Sample Answer

Some people think top achievers should be rewarded whereas others believe it belongs to improving students. In my opinion, it belongs to both.

The main goal of schools is to teach students how to learn. The methods may vary from student to student. The motivation behind learning is getting a reward. The reward can be both long term and short term. The students who are outshining others should be inspired through rewards. That will make them more focused and motivated the next time. They will try to keep that top position through their studies and hard work.

At the same time, progressive students require inspiration and motivation. It’s not easy to progress. One has to reevaluate his study style. They have to find their lacking and correct their mistakes from time to time. They have to pursue others to get recommendations and suggestions. Continuous progress can be fueled through rewards. Getting rewards for passing each hurdle makes it worth. The student feels the urge to keep progressing. Such rewards can go a long way to uplift his mood as well as make him more focused. They can achieve astonishing results.

In conclusion, rewarding system in schools is a proper way to make students keep progressing and motivated to hold that top position.

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