Some people say that art is an essential subject

Some people say that art is an essential subject and every child should learn it in school.

Do you agree or disagree

Sample Answer:

Some individuals said that the art subject is beneficial to children and thus be part of the curriculum in school. I strongly agree with this view because art promotes creativity, and it can reduce stress.

A child’s ability to think creatively at a very young age can be a great sign of success in practical skills in future . A teacher who forces a young individual to draw or paint based on their imagination and by providing them with necessary practice can improve this ability in no time. This skill can be used in their later stage of life when making decisions and create a unique style of approach to their career. In the school of OBMC in the Philippines, art subject is a part of the curriculum from Preschool until Secondary school that leads the institution to bring several awards related to sketching, carving, and painting competitions.

Art is proven to alleviate stress in school. Most Students feel immensely pressured with their academic performance in which free artistic freedom can help in relieving their minds out of it and create something that can enhance their talents. A study made by the students of the University of the Philippines and revealed that primary pupils who use a piece of paper to draw or sketch after their academic subjects are more likely to be very playful and attentive in class.

In conclusion, art is a viable subject in which children should have the opportunity to learn, enhance their creative skills, and lessen their worries about their surroundings. I hold the faith of this notion as it doesn’t only build their craft abilities but enjoying it in the future ahead of them.

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