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Task 2 # Some people believe that the government should spend more money putting in more works of art

Some people believe that the government should spend more money putting in more works of art like paintings and statues in cities to make them better places to live in.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer:

Many citizens believed that the government should invest in arts such as painting and statues in the cities is able to have a harmonious place to live in, but in my own opinion, I think the other side.

I strongly believe that the government must spend the funds on many valuable matters such as buildings hospitals, schools, and other establishments that can help society to have a better life. For instance, if a leader to the city allots money in education, I think it can produce a high level of students that can produce world-class paintings. If the governor allocates funds in hospitals, we can produce a healthy community which leads to more productive individuals. If the government gives the local sectors a chance to raise funds for local artists then we city can provide beautiful artifacts, which the whole society can benefit from. Leaders must have a creative mind and be more considerate of where the budget should go. After all, it was the people who pay their taxes are the ones who are really giving funds to the city.

I believe that proper allocation of funds is the key to the success of society whether it be by the beautification of the environment, or ensuring the education or health of the people. If the whole society is healthy and has a good educational background; for me, that is what a perfect place to live in. And living in a more safe and secure community is what really matters and what we are looking for.

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