Task 2 # Should young children be encouraged to follow a strict set of rules

Should young children be encouraged to follow a strict set of rules based on tradition or should they be allowed to behave freely?

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer:

We always try to discover what is the best way to educate our children. Should they follow strict rules based on traditions, or could we leave them free to understand the world and behave as they prefer? I believe that traditions are very important but we should leave them as much freedom as we can, always supervising their behavior and being aware that a child can easily take the wrong pathway of life.

From my point of view, imposing a strict code of rules to a child is something wrong that sometimes could also be harmful. We need to accept that the world is changing and many traditions and cultural habits have a minor role compared to the past. I believe that we should give them the right cultural and educational tools in order to make them ready to discover and understand the world, that nowadays is developing at an incredible pace.

Nevertheless, we should always remember that traditions are very important. They are part of our history and part of the history of our city and our country. Without understanding the cultural traditions of our homeland, and thus our roots, we wouldn’t be able to understand the world in which we are living. Furthermore, knowing the culture which a child comes from, usually helps him to be aware of how people used to behave in the past, and this could positively influence his actual behavior.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that we should leave the children a large degree of freedom, always trying to transmit traditions and values that should inspire and motivate good behavior.

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