GT Task 1 # Your English teacher has found a new penfriend for you

Your English teacher has found a new penfriend for you. Write a letter to the penfriend to introduce yourself. Tell them what you like doing in your free time. Ask your penfriend to tell you about their hobbies and interests.

Sample Answer:

Dear Sam,

My English professor has told me about you and that you are looking for a penfriend. I am writing this letter to introduce myself and hope to be your new penfriend.

I am John, 30 years old, and I’m living in London. I am working as a digital marketing specialist in a multinational digital agency. Although I am mostly content of my job, my leisure time activities make me happier. I have several hobbies that I enjoy such as playing the piano, working out at home, and swimming. Playing the piano, for example, is probably the oldest one since I’ve been playing it for almost 20 years now. I particularly enjoy playing it because it takes so much time and effort and I love this, I love challenges. Moreover, I’d like to tell you a bit about my most recent hobby which I met within the Covid-19 quarantine period. Since we were not able to go out, I wanted to give it a try to working out at home even though I hadn’t before. Not only had I fun, but I also felt healthier! I work out at least four times a week. In addition, I’m keen on swimming, especially in summer, when it’s around thirty degrees. If I’m in our summerhouse, I swim in the sea two times a day.

I guess that’s it for now! Can you also tell me about your hobbies and the things that you are interested in? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

John Smith

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