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The number of homeless people is increasing in many major cities around the world. What do you think are the reasons behind this? What measures could be taken to solve it?

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There are contrasting views on the significance of studying history. While some individuals believe that history holds little or no relevance in the present day, others argue that delving into the past can provide valuable insights into the present. In my opinion, understanding history is crucial for comprehending the complexities of the modern world.

Those who dismiss the importance of history often argue that it is a subject that is confined to the past and has no bearing on contemporary society. They believe that the world has evolved so significantly that the events of the past are no longer relevant to the issues and challenges faced today. Additionally, they argue that focusing on history detracts from the need to address current problems and find solutions for the future.

On the other hand, proponents of studying history argue that it offers a wealth of knowledge that can help us navigate the present. By examining the events, decisions, and consequences of the past, we can gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of current issues. History provides a context for understanding the development of societies, cultures, and political systems, which is essential for making informed decisions in the present day. Furthermore, studying history helps us learn from the mistakes and successes of our predecessors, enabling us to make more informed choices and avoid repeating past errors.

In my view, history is an invaluable tool for understanding the complexities of the present. By exploring the past, we can gain a deeper understanding of the forces that have shaped our world and the implications they have for the present. Moreover, history provides a sense of continuity and connection to our past, helping us to appreciate the evolution of human societies and the lessons that can be learned from it.

In conclusion, while some may argue that history holds little relevance in the modern world, I believe that studying the past is essential for gaining a comprehensive understanding of the present. By delving into history, we can gain valuable insights that can inform our decisions and actions in the present day.

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