Young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure

In some countries, young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure to work hard for their study. What do you think the causes and what solutions can you suggest?

Sample Answer:

In today’s society, the increasing life expectancy and improved health of older individuals have paved the way for them to continue living full and active lives well into their retirement years. This demographic shift presents a unique opportunity for society to benefit from the valuable contributions that older people can make in various aspects of life.

First and foremost, older individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With decades of life experience, they have gained valuable insights and wisdom that can be shared with younger generations. This can be particularly beneficial in the workplace, where older individuals can serve as mentors and advisors, passing on their expertise to the next generation of workers. Additionally, older individuals can also contribute to the community by volunteering their time and skills, thereby enriching the lives of others and fostering a sense of unity and support within society.

Furthermore, older individuals can play a crucial role in shaping public policy and decision-making processes. Their unique perspectives and life experiences can offer valuable insights into the needs and concerns of older people, ensuring that policies and programs are inclusive and beneficial for all age groups. By actively involving older individuals in the decision-making process, society can better address the challenges and opportunities associated with an aging population, ultimately leading to more equitable and sustainable policies.

In addition, older individuals can also contribute to the economy by remaining active in the workforce or by starting their own businesses. Their skills and expertise can help drive innovation and productivity, while also serving as a source of inspiration for younger entrepreneurs. Moreover, older individuals can serve as consumers and investors, contributing to economic growth and stability.

In conclusion, the contributions of older individuals are invaluable to society in numerous ways. By recognizing and harnessing the potential of older people, society can benefit from their knowledge, experience, and skills, ultimately leading to a more inclusive, prosperous, and harmonious community for people of all ages.

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