Who should transport children to school

Some people think it should be the responsibility of the government and the school authority to transport children to school while others think that the parents should do this. Discuss both views and give your opinion on this.

Sample Answer:

In today’s competitive world, the importance of instilling a sense of competition in children is often emphasized by many. They argue that competition helps children strive for excellence and achieve their full potential. On the other hand, some people believe that cooperation is the key to success and that children should be taught to work together in order to learn more and become better individuals in the future.

Proponents of competition argue that it motivates children to work harder and push themselves to do better. They believe that competition fosters a sense of ambition and determination in children, which are essential qualities for success in life. Moreover, they argue that competition prepares children for the real world, where they will constantly be faced with challenges and will need to strive to outperform others.

However, opponents of this view argue that competition can have negative effects on children, such as increased stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem. They believe that a cooperative approach to learning is more beneficial as it promotes teamwork, empathy, and a sense of community. They argue that in a cooperative environment, children are more likely to support and help each other, leading to a more positive and inclusive learning experience.

In my opinion, both competition and cooperation have their merits and can be beneficial for children in different ways. While competition can motivate children to excel and push their limits, cooperation teaches them important social and emotional skills that are crucial for their personal and professional development. Therefore, I believe that a balanced approach, which combines elements of both competition and cooperation, is the most effective way to help children succeed in life.

In conclusion, while competition can drive children to achieve their best, cooperation is equally important in fostering a positive and supportive learning environment. It is essential for educators and parents to strike a balance between the two approaches in order to help children reach their full potential and become well-rounded individuals.

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