We have become more independent in modern world

According to some people, we have become more independent in the modern world while others oppose this view and say that we have become more dependent on each other. What is your viewpoint on this issue? Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer:

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, the concept of sticking to one career for a lifetime is indeed becoming outdated. The new trend is leaning towards having multiple careers or sources of income, and continuous education throughout one’s life. In my opinion, this shift is not only inevitable but also beneficial for individuals and the society as a whole.

Firstly, having several careers or sources of income allows individuals to explore their interests and talents to the fullest. It provides them with the opportunity to pursue different passions and skills, leading to a more fulfilling and diverse professional life. This can also result in a more balanced and well-rounded individual, as they are not confined to a single career path.

Furthermore, with the rapid advancements in technology and automation, many traditional jobs are at risk of being replaced. Therefore, having multiple careers or income streams can provide a safety net in the face of potential job loss or economic downturns. This can lead to greater financial stability and security for individuals and their families.

Moreover, continuous education throughout life is essential in keeping up with the constantly evolving job market. The skills and knowledge required for many professions are constantly changing, and individuals need to adapt and learn new skills to remain competitive. Lifelong learning also fosters personal growth and development, leading to a more adaptable and resilient workforce.

On a societal level, the shift towards multiple careers and lifelong learning can lead to a more dynamic and innovative economy. It can also help in addressing the issue of unemployment, as individuals with diverse skills and knowledge can contribute to a variety of industries and sectors.

In conclusion, the idea of having a single career for a lifetime is becoming outdated, and the new trend of having multiple careers and continuous education is both inevitable and beneficial. It allows individuals to explore their passions, provides financial security, and contributes to a more dynamic and innovative society. Therefore, I believe that this shift is a positive development for individuals and the society as a whole.

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