Traffic is a very serious problem

Traffic is a very serious problem. The pedestrians and bicycle riders are facing more and more danger. Many gardens become sacrifices to highways. What are the best ways to make the citizens satisfied?

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Cricket has indeed become more popular than the national sports in many sub-continental countries, and there are several reasons behind this trend. Firstly, cricket has been heavily promoted and supported by the media, which has played a significant role in popularizing the sport. Television networks and online streaming platforms often broadcast cricket matches, making it easily accessible to a wide audience. This extensive coverage has helped to create a strong fan base for the sport, especially among the younger generation.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of cricket is the success of sub-continental teams in international tournaments. The Indian, Pakistani, and Sri Lankan cricket teams have all achieved significant victories in global competitions, which has further increased the sport’s popularity in these countries. The success of these teams has also led to the emergence of cricketing heroes who are idolized by fans, further fueling the passion for the sport.

Furthermore, the widespread availability of cricket facilities and infrastructure has made it easier for people to play and enjoy the sport. Many schools and communities have cricket grounds and coaching facilities, allowing individuals to actively participate in the game. This has helped to cultivate a strong cricketing culture in these countries, with many aspiring young players dreaming of representing their nation on the international stage.

Additionally, the commercialization of cricket has also played a significant role in its popularity. The Indian Premier League (IPL) and other domestic T20 leagues have attracted top international talent and have become immensely popular, drawing large crowds and generating substantial revenue. This has not only increased the profile of the sport but has also made it a lucrative career option for many young athletes.

In conclusion, the popularity of cricket in sub-continental countries can be attributed to a combination of factors, including extensive media coverage, international success, widespread infrastructure, and commercialization. These elements have collectively contributed to the widespread appeal of cricket, making it more popular than the national sports in these countries.

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