Traditional games are better than modern games in helping children

Using a mobile phone while driving is dangerous because it causes the driver to become distracted. Therefore, mobile phone use by drivers should be made illegal everywhere. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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The issue of whether the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for murderers is a highly contentious and emotive topic. While some argue that it is a necessary deterrent and a form of justice for the victims and their families, others believe that it is a violation of human rights and that society should not stoop to the level of the criminal by committing murder in return. In my opinion, I strongly agree that life in prison is a better punishment for murderers.

First and foremost, the death penalty is irreversible. Once a person has been executed, there is no way to undo the mistake if new evidence emerges that proves their innocence. In contrast, a life sentence allows for the possibility of exoneration and release if new evidence comes to light. It is a more humane and just approach to dealing with the fallibility of the justice system.

Furthermore, the death penalty does not necessarily act as a deterrent to potential murderers. Studies have shown that the threat of execution does not significantly reduce the rate of violent crime, and in some cases, it may even have the opposite effect by desensitizing society to the act of killing. Life in prison, on the other hand, serves as a long-term punishment and removes dangerous individuals from society, without resorting to the use of state-sanctioned violence.

Moreover, the death penalty is a costly and time-consuming process. The appeals and legal proceedings involved in capital punishment cases can drag on for years, if not decades, and the financial burden on the state is substantial. In contrast, life imprisonment is a more cost-effective solution that still ensures public safety and the punishment of the offender.

In conclusion, the death penalty is a morally questionable and ineffective form of punishment for murderers. Life in prison provides a more just and humane alternative that allows for the possibility of redemption and rectification of miscarriages of justice. It is imperative that society moves towards abolishing the death penalty and embracing more enlightened and compassionate approaches to criminal justice.

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