To what degree should parents intervene 14-15 year-old children

In many countries, young people are granted certain privileges and responsibilities at the age of sixteen. Clearly, parents have a responsibility to both care for and prepare their children as they approach this important milestone. To what degree should parents intervene in the lives of their 14-15 years old children?

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In today’s world, the debate over the source of knowledge is a topic of much discussion. Some argue that experience is the best teacher, while others believe that books are the ultimate source of knowledge. In my opinion, both sources are valuable in their own right, and each has its own unique advantages.

Firstly, knowledge gained from experience is often seen as more practical and applicable to real-life situations. Through personal experiences, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of various concepts and develop crucial skills that cannot be obtained from books alone. For example, a person may learn the art of negotiation through the experience of navigating challenging conversations, or they may develop problem-solving skills by facing and overcoming obstacles in their personal or professional life.

On the other hand, knowledge gained from books offers a structured and comprehensive understanding of a wide range of topics. Books provide access to a wealth of information and allow individuals to learn from the experiences and insights of others. Furthermore, books can serve as a valuable tool for formal education, as they provide a solid foundation of knowledge in various subjects.

In my view, both sources of knowledge are equally important. While experience may provide practical wisdom and skills, books offer a wealth of information and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. Moreover, the combination of both sources can lead to a more well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the world. For instance, a person may gain theoretical knowledge of a subject from books and then apply that knowledge to real-life situations, thus enhancing their understanding and skill set.

In conclusion, both experience and books play a crucial role in the acquisition of knowledge. While experience offers practical wisdom and skills, books provide a structured and comprehensive understanding of various subjects. Therefore, it is important to recognize the value of both sources and strive to incorporate them into our pursuit of knowledge.

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