Task 2 # Some employers think that formal academic qualifications are more important

Nowadays, some employers think that formal academic qualifications are more important than life experience or personal qualities when they look for new employees.

Why is it the case? Is it a positive or negative development?

Sample Writing:

The recent years, although new employees have many life experiences and personal qualities, it is not a requirements’ management. They think that formal academic qualifications are the most important thing. This essay I will explain it and it’s a completely negative development.

The employers value formal academic qualifications over life experience or personalities. Because the main reason is to verify your knowledge. It means to perform your skills about the job, major in knowledge. From that, you are credible, high-status, and promotion career prospects. For example, in a knowledge-based society, elected-presidents are almost based on their formal qualifications. What’s more another reason, it will difficult to persuade employers when you just have life experience, don’t have knowledge and skills. Because you will need a long period to become familiar with work. For instance, you will not know how to solve a problem, if you don’t have a major in knowledge. That’s why formal qualifications are more important than life experience.

Although formal academic qualifications are essential, it still has its disadvantages. The first reason, schools only focus on theoretical knowledge, no hands-on experience. It is negative because it is traditional learning models that don’t make develop talented’s students. The second reason, two factors are the most important for work is practical skills and life experience, but not taught at school. To improve yourself, you still need interpersonal and teamwork skills, access to extracurricular activities. Because it performs that you are easy-going and have many experiences in a diverse environment.

In summarize, it will negative development, if it just needs formal academic qualifications.
To conclude, life experience is less essential than formal qualifications when you find a job that two reasons are mentioned. But, in the future, it will negative development as told.


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