Some people feel that cities should allow for spaces for graffiti while others feel it should be

Some people feel that cities should allow for spaces for graffiti while others feel it should be banned. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer:

Graffiti has been a topic of controversy for many years, with some arguing that it is a form of art that should be allowed in cities, while others believe it should be banned due to its association with vandalism and crime. Both sides have valid points, and it is important to consider the arguments from each perspective.

Those in favor of allowing spaces for graffiti argue that it is a form of self-expression and can add vibrancy and character to otherwise dull urban environments. They believe that by providing designated areas for graffiti, cities can harness the creativity of street artists and prevent them from defacing public and private property. Furthermore, they argue that graffiti can serve as a platform for social and political commentary, sparking important conversations within the community.

On the other hand, opponents of graffiti argue that it often leads to an increase in crime and vandalism. They point to the fact that graffiti is often associated with gang activity and can create a sense of disorder and neglect in a neighborhood. Additionally, they argue that allowing graffiti sends the message that it is acceptable to deface public and private property, leading to a degradation of the overall aesthetic and value of the city.

In my opinion, while graffiti can be a powerful form of art and expression, it is important to balance this with the need to maintain public spaces and prevent vandalism. Cities should consider providing designated areas for graffiti where artists can freely express themselves without causing harm to the community. By doing so, cities can embrace the creativity of street art while also preserving the integrity of public and private property.

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