Pupils with different abilities should be educated together

Some people think schools should group pupils according to their academic ability, but others believe pupils with different abilities should be educated together. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Sample Answer:

In today’s world, there is a stark contrast between the earnings of international entertainers and the widespread poverty that exists. While it is undeniable that these entertainers, including sports personalities, do possess extraordinary talents and bring joy and entertainment to millions of people, the question of whether their huge earnings are justified in the face of global poverty is a complex and contentious issue.

On one hand, it can be argued that these entertainers have worked hard to reach the pinnacle of their careers and have a right to be rewarded for their exceptional skills and the value they bring to their audiences. Their talents often require years of dedication, practice, and sacrifice, and their ability to entertain and inspire people around the world is a rare and valuable commodity. Furthermore, the entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and the earnings of these individuals are often reflective of the revenue they generate for their employers and the broader economy.

On the other hand, it is difficult to ignore the fact that millions of people around the world struggle to meet their basic needs, such as access to clean water, food, education, and healthcare. The stark disparity between the earnings of international entertainers and the living conditions of those in poverty raises important ethical questions about the distribution of wealth and the priorities of our global society. It is a harsh reality that while some individuals are earning millions of dollars for their entertainment, others are living in extreme deprivation.

In conclusion, while it is understandable that the talents and contributions of international entertainers warrant substantial financial compensation, it is also important to consider the broader implications of such vast earnings in the context of widespread poverty. Perhaps a more equitable distribution of wealth and a greater emphasis on addressing global poverty could help to alleviate some of the disparities that exist in our world today. Ultimately, it is a complex issue with no easy answers, but one that deserves careful consideration and reflection.

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