Private cars on the roads in many parts of the world has led to serious problems

The proliferation of private cars on the roads in many parts of the world has led to serious problems of pollution and may contribute to global warming. Some people think that governments should spend money for the development of public transportation systems in order to help alleviate this problem. Others think it is better to spend money for the development of electric and other types of cars that may cause less pollution. Do you think it is better for governments to spend money developing public transportation or developing new kinds of cars?

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In today’s competitive job market, it is indeed challenging for young people to secure a good job without any prior work experience. I strongly agree that governments should take steps to encourage employers to choose young people when they need new workers.

Firstly, young people often face the catch-22 situation of needing work experience to get a job, but not being able to gain that experience without a job. This can be a frustrating and discouraging cycle that many young individuals find themselves in. By encouraging employers to give young people a chance, governments can help break this cycle and provide opportunities for the next generation of workers.

Furthermore, young people bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a willingness to learn and adapt to new challenges. By hiring young workers, employers can infuse their workforce with energy and creativity, which can lead to increased productivity and competitiveness in the global market. Additionally, by investing in young talent, employers can also benefit from the long-term loyalty and commitment of these individuals, who are eager to prove themselves and grow within the company.

Moreover, by prioritizing the employment of young people, governments can address issues of youth unemployment and underemployment, which can have long-term negative impacts on the economy and society. By providing incentives or subsidies to employers who hire young workers, governments can help reduce the financial risk for businesses and encourage them to invest in the future of the workforce.

In conclusion, I believe that governments should play a proactive role in encouraging employers to choose young people when they need new workers. By doing so, they can help break the cycle of unemployment for young individuals, inject fresh energy and ideas into the workforce, and address broader issues of youth unemployment. Ultimately, this can lead to a more dynamic and competitive economy, benefiting both employers and young workers alike.

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