Performance of staff can have a significant impact on the success of a company

Research shows that the performance of staff can have a significant impact on the success of a company. Therefore, companies should focus on improving employee productivity.

How far staff performance can ensure the success of a company?

What can companies do to increase staff productivity?

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There is a growing debate about whether tobacco and alcohol should be made illegal due to their addictive nature and the health problems they cause. While it is true that both substances can lead to addiction and have detrimental effects on health, I do not believe that making them illegal is the most effective solution.

Firstly, prohibition has historically shown to be ineffective in controlling the use of substances. The United States’ Prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s, for example, led to a rise in illegal alcohol production and distribution, as well as an increase in organized crime. Similarly, the illegal drug trade continues to thrive despite strict laws and penalties. Making tobacco and alcohol illegal would likely lead to a similar black market, making it difficult for authorities to control their distribution and consumption.

Furthermore, the decision to consume these substances should ultimately be a matter of personal choice. While it is important to educate individuals about the risks and consequences of tobacco and alcohol use, it is ultimately up to them to make informed decisions about their own health. Prohibition would infringe upon individual freedoms and could lead to a backlash against government intervention in personal choices.

Instead of making tobacco and alcohol illegal, efforts should be focused on education, prevention, and support for those struggling with addiction. Public health campaigns and stricter regulations on advertising and sales to minors can help to reduce the prevalence of tobacco and alcohol use. Additionally, resources should be allocated to provide treatment and support for those dealing with addiction, rather than criminalizing their behavior.

In conclusion, while the addictive nature and health problems associated with tobacco and alcohol are concerning, making them illegal is not the most effective solution. Education, prevention, and support for those struggling with addiction are key in addressing the issue. It is important to respect individual freedoms while working towards promoting healthier choices and reducing substance abuse in society.

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