People work hard to buy more things in life

People work hard to buy more things in life. This has made our life more comfortable but it is pity that many traditional values have been lost on the way to such materialism. To what extent you agree or disagree with the statement?

Sample Answer:

In today’s rapidly changing world, the question of whether we have become more independent or dependent on each other is a topic of much debate. Some argue that advancements in technology and individual freedoms have led to increased independence, while others believe that our interdependence on one another has only grown stronger. In my opinion, both views hold merit, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

On one hand, it is undeniable that modern society has provided individuals with more opportunities for independence. Advancements in technology have made it easier for people to work remotely, access information, and connect with others from all over the world. This has allowed individuals to pursue their own interests and goals without being tied down to a specific location or relying on others for support. Additionally, the emphasis on personal freedom and individual rights has empowered people to make their own choices and live life on their own terms.

On the other hand, it is clear that our interconnected world has also made us more dependent on one another. Globalization has led to a complex web of economic, social, and political interdependencies that require cooperation and collaboration on a global scale. Moreover, the challenges we face, such as climate change and global pandemics, require collective action and mutual support in order to find solutions. In our personal lives, we rely on others for emotional support, professional networking, and various forms of assistance that contribute to our overall well-being.

In conclusion, I believe that the modern world has brought about a mix of both independence and interdependence. While we have more opportunities to pursue our own paths and make independent choices, we also rely on others for various forms of support and cooperation. Ultimately, finding a balance between independence and interdependence is crucial for navigating the complexities of our interconnected world. It is important to recognize the value of both independence and interdependence in order to thrive as individuals and as a global community.

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