Cultural traditions may be destroyed when used as money-making attractions

Some people think that cultural traditions may be destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions. Others believe it is the only way to save these traditions. 

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer:

There is a growing debate regarding the best approach to solving the issues of traffic congestion and pollution, with some advocating for an increase in the price of petrol as the most effective solution. In my opinion, while this measure may have some impact, it is not the best or only solution to these complex problems.

Firstly, increasing the price of petrol may indeed reduce the number of vehicles on the road, as higher costs could discourage people from driving. However, this could disproportionately affect lower-income individuals who rely on their vehicles for work and other essential activities. Moreover, it may not significantly reduce traffic congestion in urban areas where public transportation options are limited.

Furthermore, while an increase in petrol prices may lead to a reduction in air pollution from vehicle emissions, it is not a comprehensive solution to the broader issue of environmental degradation. Other sources of pollution, such as industrial emissions and waste disposal, also need to be addressed through targeted policies and regulations.

Instead of solely relying on petrol price increases, a more effective approach would be to invest in and improve public transportation infrastructure. By providing efficient and accessible public transportation options, more people may be inclined to leave their cars at home, leading to a reduction in traffic congestion and pollution. Additionally, promoting and incentivizing the use of electric and hybrid vehicles could also contribute to a decrease in harmful emissions.

Furthermore, urban planning and design should prioritize pedestrian and cyclist-friendly environments, making it easier for people to choose alternative modes of transportation. This could include the creation of dedicated bike lanes, pedestrian-only zones, and the development of walkable neighborhoods.

In conclusion, while increasing the price of petrol may have some impact on traffic and pollution, it is not the most effective solution. Instead, a multi-faceted approach that includes investment in public transportation, promotion of eco-friendly vehicles, and urban planning initiatives is necessary to address these complex and interconnected issues.

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