Children are given too much free time

Some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more school work. How do you think children should spend their free time?

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In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the way students are assessed, with a move away from traditional written exams towards more practical forms of assessment. This trend has both advantages and disadvantages, which should be carefully considered.

One of the main advantages of practical assessment is that it allows students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a more realistic and applicable manner. Instead of simply regurgitating information on paper, students are able to show their ability to apply their learning to real-life situations. This can provide a more accurate reflection of their capabilities and readiness for the workforce.

Furthermore, practical assessment can also help to reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with written exams. Many students struggle with the pressure of performing well in a timed, high-stakes test, and this can negatively impact their mental well-being. By shifting towards more practical assessment methods, such as presentations, projects, and simulations, students may feel less pressure and be able to showcase their abilities in a more relaxed environment.

However, there are also some drawbacks to this trend. Practical assessment can be more time-consuming and resource-intensive for educators, as they need to design and evaluate a wider variety of tasks and activities. Additionally, there may be concerns about the consistency and fairness of practical assessment, as it can be more subjective and open to interpretation compared to standardized written exams.

In conclusion, while the move towards practical assessment has its benefits, such as providing a more accurate reflection of students’ abilities and reducing exam-related stress, it also presents challenges in terms of time and resources for educators, as well as concerns about fairness and consistency. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance between written exams and practical assessment, ensuring that students are being evaluated in a comprehensive and fair manner.

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