A building to serve a purpose than to look beautiful

It is more important for a building to serve a purpose than to look beautiful. Architects, therefore, should not worry about producing buildings as a work of art. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

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In today’s digital age, the debate over the importance of developing handwriting skills in children has become a topic of great interest. Some argue that with the prevalence of technology, handwriting is no longer a necessary skill, while others believe that it still holds significant value. This essay will explore both perspectives before presenting my own opinion on the matter.

Those who advocate for the decline in the importance of handwriting skills argue that in a world dominated by computers and smartphones, the need for legible handwriting has diminished. They argue that children are better off learning to type and use digital devices, as these skills are more relevant to the modern workforce. Additionally, they argue that handwriting can be time-consuming and that the time spent on developing this skill could be better utilized in other areas of education.

On the other hand, proponents of handwriting argue that it remains an essential skill for cognitive development. Research has shown that the act of physically writing by hand engages the brain in a way that typing does not. It has been found that handwriting helps with memory retention, language development, and fine motor skills. Furthermore, there are still instances where handwriting is necessary, such as filling out forms or signing documents, and individuals with poor handwriting may face challenges in these situations.

In my opinion, while technology has undeniably transformed the way we communicate and work, handwriting should not be dismissed as a redundant skill. The benefits of handwriting in cognitive development and its practical applications in certain situations cannot be overlooked. Therefore, I believe that children should continue to be taught handwriting skills alongside digital literacy. By doing so, they will be equipped with a well-rounded set of skills that will serve them in various aspects of their lives.

In conclusion, while the digital age has undoubtedly shifted the way we communicate and work, handwriting still holds value in cognitive development and practical applications. Therefore, I believe that it is important for children to continue developing handwriting skills alongside digital literacy.

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