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Task 1 # Information on UAE government spending in 2000

The pie chart gives information on UAE government spending in 2000. The total budget was AED 315 billion.

information on UAE government spending in 2000
Information on UAE government spending in 2000

Sample Answer:

The pie chart demonstrates that where the AED 315 billion money used by the UAE government in 2000.

Overall, it is observed that the UAE government spend the highest amount of money on the development of social security purposes, and health and personal social services and used the least in the transportation sector.
Generally, the government of UAE used the one-fourth portion of the total budget for Social security which is AED 100 billion and AED 53 billion spent in the improvement of health and personal social services, whereas the least portion of the budget (AED 9 billion) allotted for transport.

On the contrary, AED 38 billion and AEF and AED 22 billion allotted for the development of the education sector and defense sector respectively in 2000. The UAE government utilized AED 15 billion in housing heritage and environment whereas only AED 13 billion spent in industry, agriculture & employment of UAE. Remaining AED 26 billion of the budget spent on debit interest and other expenditures.



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