GT Task 1 # You are going out of town for a week’s period for some work

You are going out of town for a week’s period for some work. Write a letter to your neighbour.

In your letter :

  1. Explain why you are going
  2. What you expect him to do
  3. and what he should do if a problem occurs.

Hi Charlie,

I hope you’re well and this letter finds you in the pink of your life. I’d be really grateful if you could do me a favour. Please allow me to elaborate on my situation.

I know you must be guessing, but I want to tell you I’m leaving for New york to visit my daughter who has just been blessed with a baby boy. I’m leaving this Sunday and I’ll come back within a week. You know I was really looking for your help in looking after my house.

What you can do is to keep an eye on the visitors and postman. I’m expecting a parcel from Canada this week so please collect it and keep with you if someone comes to deliver. Also, if possible, you can live in my house till I returns back as it will help you to manage all the things without any disturbance. The cook and maid will always be there to provide you all the facilities as I’ve guided them thoroughly.

If in any situation, you find anything unusual or problematic then please call on my mobile. You can also watsapp me as I will be doing my office work nowadays through cell phone due to Covid-19 pandemic situation.

I’ll be very thankful to you and I’ll text you the phone numbers of the cook and maid too.

Warm regards,
Your name

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